Friday, December 11, 2015

Some totally-not-random photos

The last one is a bit modified.


Oale said...

The pictures are taken on locations of the map in the previous entry.
1. The east road in Shire would be beside the forest.
2. The Old Forest has been logged somewhat
3. The Village of Bree
4. Weathertop
5. The Last Bridge
6. Rivendell
7. The memorial cross of Celebrimbor
8. Caras Galadhon
9. Anduin near the field of Celebrant
10. Part of Rohan
11. The new shrine in Henneth Annun
12. Last white tower of Minas Tirith
13. The ferry of Osgiliath
14. Field near Hobbiton.

Oale said...

RL (real life) descriptions of the locations are as follows
1. Tuulissuo/Avanti is a pretty new industry area surrounded by old agricultural land.
2. Just a small frorest between 1. and 3.
3. Nenämäki residential area looks more steep looking from the other side
4. Old hill fort of Lieto.
5. Bridge over river Aura on Bike/Walk/Horse path to Haga
6. Metsämäki horse racecourse main building
7. The memorial cross of an old church site
8. Rental apartment area in Halinen
9. Canoe landing site on the lowest river Aura.
10. Sports park Kupittaa
11. Chruch of St.Michael
12. Church of St.Martins
13. The Föri-ferry cross river Aura.
14. Just a field in Tuulissuo