Thursday, December 3, 2009

building a simple climate model (Hypothetical)

We took two buckyballs and sat on them, on a pentagonal side. One was slightly smaller than the other. Then we inserted it inside the other one and turned it by 36 degrees as it is clear that the corners of the smaller pentagon must be as near as possible of the larger one to minimize the effect of cartographic distortion present in the projection. The difficulties in transforming directions described in the normal N-S notation of the cardinal directions to the model were averted also by this method, since the opposite distortions cancel each other out by by a fixed amount derivable by simple mathematics. The fact that one of the buckyballs gets overtly represented by the distortion is also fixable by the relative sizes of their flat surfaces. To apply atmospheric and fluid dynamics equations on a flat surface is much easier than doing it in a true (curved) environment, in fact many of them have been derived for this kind of case, but this lack of accuracy in the model can be side-stepped by applying the true values of volume (from the elliptical equations) on the grids in the polyhedra. Additionally, the application of flat surface in the model creates a problem in the radiation calculations as a sphere is a sphere and f.e. a He atom in the atmosphere is a sphere, so assuming the direction of the radiation from this atom is random (as it is by entropic principles) the radiation from such atom will be balanced outwards of the center of the gravity. Then we tested the two polyhedra by giving them the observed physical information from one early year (adjusted for their location in the buckyball projection). Then there was a lot of adjusting the parameters, inserting the error limits of various data points, type of thing done and after we got reproducible results (from the average of the two oppositely tilted models) that fitted the later observed data reasonably well, it was time to do the first prediction to the future. Further refinements to the model were done afterwards, as more data points from deep ocean and upper troposphere had been inroduced. Any possible similarities in this story to real persons or events are purely coincidental.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Title

The thermodynamical elements in the coupled sun-earth (well, solar system, but as it will be shown, the occasional storms on Jupiter have quite an unmeasurable effect on terrestrial issues) system with a particular emphasis on land surface temperature variations, a.k.a. why we may attempt to predict future climates on land in a complex system by the help of computer climate modelling and limitedly accurate measurements of physical properties of the known matter (excluding dark matter) on various locations on earth and in space, presuming the heliopause would be impenetrable (which it isn't since we see outside the solar system, to the universe, and take account the frequencies of radiation currently presumed to be present (by the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics) and observed (by advanced instruments, the inner workings of which are hopefully undersood by at least by the manufacturers of the said instruments) that were not included in the 14th century model of the universe commonly applied then (that is, the so-called geocentric, (flat (or not) earth) model of the man's place in the system called existence)).

Part 1.

Wait a minute... I have to read the title again, is there a glitch on the number of parentheses?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Short History of Fire

Fire - part 1. (protozoa)
Kinda hot in here, I'd say exceedingly hot, gotta move away from it, no I'm not fast enough, it gets hotter... END

Fire - part 2. (insecta)
Kinda hot in here, like the sun on wrong place, DANGER, run for it, JUMP, hellishly hot in the air, it stays hot in the ground... END

Fire - part 3.(amphibian)
Something glows thatway, the sun? - no, the moon? - no, possible FIRE, getting hotter, DANGER, run for it, JUMP, on the ground, the waterspot (maybe end of FIRE?), hole, getting hotter, DANGER, dig in, still getting hotter, dive, water getting hotter, try to adapt, no it boils... END

Fire - part 4.(archaic reptilian)
I see a wrong glow, smell a smoke, THE FIRE, waterHOLE (maybe the end of THE FIRE?), getting hotter, dig in, getting hotter, dig deeper, still getting hotter, breath in, open channel to WATER, water getting hotter, try to adapt, not any hotter, ENOUGH COVER, wait, wait, wait, DRINK, get outside, there's NOTHING to EAT... END

Fire - part 5.(reptilian-mammalian)
EAT in reserve for EMERGERCY (PANIC), wrong glow = FIRE, RUN for it - upwind and around, no does not succeed - GOT CAUGHT!, to waterhole, dive, keep skin wet, try to adapt - no can do, shut down systems, GET BURNED, try to fix (subsection SCAR), still alive?, DRINK, find food (subsect:if food burned?-it is still food), EAT (PANIC offline), get away, get better. if death - END else NORMAL behaviour.

Fire - part 6 (predator opportunism).
(clause: burned food = food), if alive after FIRE, try everything recognisable, if healthy and not particularly hungry - still try to eat anything recognisable.

Fire - part 7 (Hominidae)
fire, not particularly important (note, tasty insects, but has to know which)

Fire - part 9 (Hominini)
fire, important, select PERMANENT location so effects minimal, and BENEFITs possible, maybe be possible to RUN to the burned side THROUGH fire.

Fire - part 10 (Homo)
Fire, necessary, the vegetables and animals GROW BETTER in the NEXT YEAR (likely is fact), possible to apply with CAUTION, if GROUP allowes, important subsection, FIRE NOT WITH CAUTION, possible DANGER, may END by BEATING WITH BRANCHES!

Fire - part 11 (Homo erectus)
Fire, locally VERY important, IMPORTANT, see: PREPARING food. see also: SHELTER, warmth. see also: GUARDING (subsections predators, fire), see also: how FIRE can be carried (technical), curious initation customs (hunting with fire), (note, this data is too scattered)

Fire - part 12 (Homo neandertalensis)
FIRE, VITAL (Appended also to CATEGORY:CULTURE, previously only in NATURE), source of warmth, de-icing stored food, useful against predators, as well as catching prey, roasted meat and vegetables do not rot as fast as unroasted (very likely = fact).

Fire - part 13 (religion)
FIRE is GOOD, NO EVIL spirits in food by FIRE, FIRE is BAD, NO SHELTER in bad weather. (separation of man and nature, concept of CONTROLLED FIRE)

Fire - part 14 (Homo sapiens)
FIRE, essential CULTURAL concept, if a controllable element, if not, see WILDFIRE. Used in many processes, baking, cooking, hunting, land management, heating, even building, pottery, in colder climates, ESSENTIAL to know the nearest FIRE. see: how to start a fire (technical)

Fire - part 15 (war)
CONTROLLED FIRE can be turned in UNCONTROLLED (subcategory in NATURAL) FIRE by PURPOSEFUL action of GROUP against GROUP(ENEMY), to deprive them (HARD to obtain) belongings.

Fire - part 16 (slash and burn)
Non-food Vegetation + Fire -> space for food-Vegetation, see AGRICULTURE (how to start)

Fire - part 17 (slash and char)
Use of Fire in AGRICULTURE - disadvantages (CROPS need SOMETHING (see:religion) destroyed by Fire = likely fact) - put fire out as soon as possible. (Ash bad for breath = likely fact) See:Plowing, Irrigation, Religion (what Earth needs)

Fire - part 18 (metal working)
(fire hotter when blown into = old fact), see:MINERALs (technical), furnace = really hot fire, some minerals become liquid when put in furnace (contemporary fact), alter properties, liquid mineral = metal, metal maybe cast or hit into shapes, see: advantages of hot metals over stone or wood (technical), see also: making clay-items (subsection mold (experimental)), when metals cooled, some very durable, see: PROFESSION (Smith) and subsection equipment

Fire - part 19 (glass)
see-through clumbs of one type of liquefied and cooled mineral (see jewellery (fragile) for details) may be collected and cast into shapes as in Smithery, very fragile (as might be expected since can be seen through), benefit - see-through window in cold or bad weather. Profession: Glass-maker, see also blow-casting (technical),

Fire - part 20 (alchemy)
some minerals do not make metal = fact, what do they do? see:Earth-mysticism (religious fringe), tolerable since the effects of some may have some future use (see medicine (experimental), acid (technical), base (technical), poison (experimental). mystic profession:alchemist, maybe dangerous), for further info consult the professers, (see also:Philosopher's stone (legend))

Fire - part 21 (steam engine)
Fire needs air (both WILDfire and Fire) = fact, air moves = wind, see:WINDMILL, Fire creates wind - windmill creates POWER - power can be turned into work, see:ENGINEERING, benefit - if a MACHINE can be thought of, that can do something repeatedly (as is the unpleasant fact in many PROFESSIONS), there is no need for a human to do it.

Fire - part 22 (petrol engine)
Some minerals EXPLODE (create fast wind) when heated in air = fact, if a machine can be construed that has a constant supply of aforementioned mineral and air, this produces constant wind that can be applied to do work.

Fire - part 23 (the sun)
The Sun-God (The Fire in The Sky) is not made of coal (1800s). COMPARE: atomic fire (cultural concept) with nuclear power (physics), how is this 'fire' different from Fire(chemistry)?

Fire - part 24 (Biochemistry)
All air-breathing animals need oxidable food to live, every oxygen-using cell has a tiniest fire within = fact.

Friday, October 2, 2009


I'm thinking of adding references (mostly to wikipedia, since I'm no expert in all areas concerning these stories, who would be?) to the stories so the occasional reader could evaluate the stories from a more tedious point of wiew. Is there any point to that? Moreover, since these are stories, I've deliberately inserted some of them some clues as to why they are likely not true in some sense. After some checking the presumptions that are included into the stories, I've actually found out that most of them are not true on some aspects. As many of them rely on some speculative, outside the mainstream, science, prehistory and such to begin with, this is hardly surprising. However this might spoil some fun, and is a laborious job for me, linking, reading and writing parts of about 5-15 wikipedia articles per story, so the explanations would be way longer than the stories themselves. On the other hand, I could leave them as they are and start another blog "debunking erimaassa". On the third hand ;-), I could leave them as they are. Comments? this image totally off place:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

the solution

Ocean coasts had been abundant with food, and many clans had moved further away seeking new areas and new food sources that had no names. But now the ocean was behaving oddly, the strong tides took away some of the food sources and people moved about. "Zseen ny crobbots?", one passing family had asked, but noone here knew what these were and barely understood that it was a question. The movements of clans had even lead to conflicts that were previously unheard of . The late chief said to the wizard,"if this goes on, we'll have to move". The wizard who was familiar with some of the food sources in the uphill forest replied,"God's may be crazed of something, but the forest god has revealed to me how to live in there. We can move there. It's hard, but I see no option if this continues." When the next high tide came, it came with severity, as if Gods had decided to punish the clan for such abnormal thoughts. The beach vanished, and a low strait was formed between the upland forest and the forest on the other end of the beach. After some time living on the sparse resources in the forest, the wizard came to the chief and said:"Remember when we dreamed of those islands on the horizon, how magnificent beaches there would be and wondered how to get there? Well, now we know, how the hell do we get out of here?"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Retelling a story

Then there was this orchard planet which got heavily infested by a species as there were no natural predators for the species. The warden of the planet was keenly interested in diversity, but this was just too much. After consultation with other wardens, he decided not to totally eradicate the species, but to transplant some specimens to another planet. When questioned:"Are you certain the species won't destroy the ecosphere of this place?", his reply was:"Yes, see those Smilodons and other predators? They will keep their numbers down."

Friday, September 11, 2009


...and the results of this study point to the existence of quantum entanglement in macroscopic systems. The greatest difficulties in conducting the experiment were the vibrational effects on the insulated vacuum walls in zero-gravity that held the observed ice cubes. Even the lab-assistant performing the measurements had to be clad in breathing apparatus as his uneven breathing would have ruined the results. Additionally, he couldn't move for 30 minutes before the measurements as the system stabilized from the effects of opening the lab door...


...the ancient dwellers in the ocean were increasingly annoyed by the heat coming from the surface. Their chief scientist had proposed concerted effort to keep the heat out of the water saying, "let it go back the way it came." Eventually a consensus was reached. On the surface the temperatures started to rise as the dwellers started to release their pools of deep ice.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The alfa Corvi delta incident

Then there was this planet with a subcrust from of carbonaceus asteroids that the people of the only continent, surrounded by the world ocean, on the planet, had been using to their advantage for as long as anyone could remember. Then a small meteorite hit the continent, this lead to loss of buoyancy, and later the planet was used only by sport fishers, marine archeologist and scavengers.

coincidence or not?

Ah, weird, just occurred to me that 255K is pretty close to 0F. Did Fahrenheit calculate the blackbody temperature of the earth?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gaseous Tetris

Just a mechanistic phrase for stagnant air.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

dull sky

Bunch of stratocumuli gathered up, but is this now the new (asperatus) cloud? Contrast has been enhanced. sorry about the flare.

went outside and took another photo which somehow is the first one in the note. Produced only light drizzle.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Soup of mysteries, part II

(some info missing) And so it happened that those HeBeLis who were least willing to play
with the negative Baryons evicted them. But they were forced to admit
that they couldn't send any info outside, since even light between them
was slow and that they couldn't see the outside world properly. They
suggested this to be the last chance to make peace with the Negatives in
the end of time, but first they should try to find out how to get rid of
the Negatives if they presented troubles.

And the most hot-headed HeBeLis struck each other with terrible force,
but this only caused confusion in the Nuclears. And in any case, the
negative Baryons, who were now called Electrons (short for eel-eek-
donuts), returned to hassle around. (introd. Magic numbers, up to Fe)
For a long time this was not tried again, since a part of the neutral nucleons were forced to be relocated... , and that produced inertia, that disallowed perfect vacuums...
And God said:"Look all the wonders, wonder, could you have imagined that the Electrons should so avoid each other and behave as they were coupled, but only opposite? And God took two Electrons and forced them to go through two small gates over and over again. Here you have a dot charged, that procreates a circle, oval and a ball, new forms on this 3D plane that is your home. Search these planes, don't they have strange charm? The gate of time and the other gates are not yet open for you." This eased H's and Hebelis as they began to marvel the God's creation. And God continued:"

God teaches Hebelis (missing info)
(wave-particle dualism)
God builds an example (missing info)
(quantum computer)

"Now that you know this, you may build a similarly working counter. I'll have to go to check the gates are locked."

At this, the remaining truly irrationally spinning Bosons (called "Hicks") thought they would be forced to do other peoples work, and disappeared through a trap door left by Planck, and all they could manage was a partially deriving nucleon, the first computer of the world, but it wasn't fast enough in its calculations. For this, Planck was also blamed.

The regular families started to gather round Hebelis since they had at least one model that could produce something else than everlasting worries of the Electrons.

All the beings compressed to star-like patterns... and it happened that inside the Electrons felt too much heat and spread to the surroundings... and came back after half of the Hs were to their surprise been transformed to neutrals... (suspicions of Hicks'es involvement rose. Only the Electrons could have guarded the yards against this...) and been paired to other ones...

The star compressed again and again until it couldn't produce anymore heat... It exploded to everyones great lament... after a demographic survey it was noted that some Electrons were destroyed by the sudden reappearance of their pairs from the 5th dimension... but at the same time the God-given families had been diminished...

It was clear a great lot of diversity had been formed. Everyone started to exchange Electrons, as their mutual love-hate relationships were quite amusing to watch...

Here it happened, that a great divide occurred between atoms (it was now accepted that Electrons were a part of this mess, though a difficult one, as did the Electrons), and a part of them decided to stay forever with the Electrons. They called the other ones solipsists... these gathered up to form a solid called a planet, that was never before seen and an amazement to all. God was praised as it was clear now that the God had a plan for all, even for the Electrons.

The other ones were willing to duplicate the experiment that had begun the co-operation of the nucleons, only to do it slightly transformed and carefully, trying to avoid the explosion...and so, by God's will the sun was created, that transforms the clear idea of the God to the pressure and to the light of radiation, that grows the plants and feeds the soil also to gladden and feed us humans... but now were going too much forward, there's still a lot to tell of the Hebelis and other atoms, of the birth of the rock, the earth, the gas and the liquid, etc.

maybe I'll continue this after checking up some phase surface and RNA-chemistry...

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Neandertaalit hytisivät kylmässä säässä, Neanderin laakson kaivosalueen lähellä. Heidän lämmönlähteensä oli ehtynyt. He käyttivät jäljellä olevia kitukasvuisia koivuja lämmittääkseen vinsentin lihaa. Onneksi valtaisa lumentulo eräänä talvena aiheutti suuren maanvyöryn ja paljasti seuraavan hiilikerroksen rinteestä. Ainoa kuolemantapaus ei ollut mitenkään merkittävä.

Men of the caves

The Neanderthals shivered in the cold, close to the mines of Neander's dale. Their source of warmth had finished. They used the remaining dwarwed birches to warm up the wicent meat. Luckily one winter, the enormous snowfalls caused a large landslinde and unearthed the next layer of coal. The only death was no-one special.