Friday, August 20, 2010

why have you saved those trees?

"You see, we have winds mostly from the west, but the time we need most electricity is during winter when it blows from north.", the farmer said. "This is why those trees have been planted on a cross between the four fields."
"The trees, don't they get knocked down by the wind on a singular row like that? What do they have to do with electricity?"
"Yes they would, but I've managed to build a hydraulic support system for those in the array. The hydraulics provide the pressure needed to power the engines located in each array.", the farmer replied. "Additionally, they reduce amount of windblown crops, though the quality of the crops isn't as good near the array than previously."

(couple of many notes why this isn't very feasible: how to attach something solidly on a growing tree without damaging it? Also, any hydraulic fluid leaks would be an issue.)