Tuesday, February 28, 2012

offline (somewhat)

...well not really, but i'm thinking of abandoning this blog for a while since it seems i'm not making any progress in here. there would be a couple more stories that are not in here yet, but they have to wait. i'll think of this a bit more and accept that the some more children and grandchildren will blame their parents and grandparents for their future difficulties. bye.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Deviations, Debuggings, Deficiencies, Deconstructions and Depolitication of Cold War by Captian Ahab.

No, actually this is a highly accurate review of Michael Mann's new book 'The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars'. He's one of the world’s most famous climatologists, whose fame is partly generated by the politically motivated attacks on the truths discovered by climate science. In his novelette, 'Old man and the Sea ‘ ‘Scientist and the mysteries of climate science and the policy suggestions raised by them', Mann delineates the chronology of his career with whale ecology and whaling techniques solving the non-periodicity of the current period of AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) without being emotional and ending in jail like Captain Ahab James Hansen for illegal whaling entry. If only CA would have seen a whale weather/single anomalous dataset isn't a fish climate/the statistical truth, this book would have been shorter. I also liked the references to John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath (f.e. Mark Twain: ’The truth puts its shoes on and the lie hides behind a non peer-reviewed article full of errors’) of which there are several examples. Especially delicious were the references to the legend of Billy the Kid tale of the two reports, who was a criminal which was an episode of a politically motivated report endorsed by mislead(ing) deniers of the science and was shot in the back by his buddy deputy Garrett and which was denounced by proper scientific inquiry. The rest of the book handles the threats made against Captain Ahab and his fellow boatmen by the International Whaling Commission which regulates the trade of whale oil and the ammunition used by the private militias in whaling areas such as the Gulf of Mexico Horizon Well.

So, this is a highly topical and important book of the politication of climate science, made in the style of a scientist, and it describes some of the ways the scientific inquiry is done, relates the way the scientific inquiry is done to the political inquisitions, and on top of it is an quite dull a read autobiography if your name isn't mentioned there of a scientific career. Those who have followed the falsehoods and exaggerated claims of uncertainties by the so-called skeptics (deniers) of climate science for the last ten years find little new info here, though the presentation of the relevant info is more accurate and thorough than is found elsewhere. A book for true politicians, lawyers and media people, somewhat for scientists, not so much for the ideologues and the supporters of centralized energy production. I'll give this a 4/5 since I prefer to read science fiction over science. Also I would have liked the references would have been in the end of every chapter, but this is a personal preference.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


A graph from cryosphere today.


FOD enters dreamwolrd at james' empty blog
It's nice to hear others have climate related dreams too. I once dreamt I was beside a field with Tamino and Stoat (too grandiose, I know) planning how to plant some fruit trees since the partly submerged London had acquired the field for permaculture.
Please describe your dreams on the climate in the comment thread. I've had two others too, but that was the funkiest one yet.