Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Title

The thermodynamical elements in the coupled sun-earth (well, solar system, but as it will be shown, the occasional storms on Jupiter have quite an unmeasurable effect on terrestrial issues) system with a particular emphasis on land surface temperature variations, a.k.a. why we may attempt to predict future climates on land in a complex system by the help of computer climate modelling and limitedly accurate measurements of physical properties of the known matter (excluding dark matter) on various locations on earth and in space, presuming the heliopause would be impenetrable (which it isn't since we see outside the solar system, to the universe, and take account the frequencies of radiation currently presumed to be present (by the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics) and observed (by advanced instruments, the inner workings of which are hopefully undersood by at least by the manufacturers of the said instruments) that were not included in the 14th century model of the universe commonly applied then (that is, the so-called geocentric, (flat (or not) earth) model of the man's place in the system called existence)).

Part 1.

Wait a minute... I have to read the title again, is there a glitch on the number of parentheses?