Thursday, December 30, 2010


There should be a completely harmless text in here by now but due to the inherent power of words, this is not possible. Proceed with caution.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

collaborative writing 2.

12. marraskuuta 2363 11.31 kirjoitti:

Hello again,

Didn’t take me long to answer… I could lie wasn’t my own fault, but it was. We had a slightly alarming situation going on just before you send your previous message (t.i. almost a month ago). I allowed to tell as much the tangle required us to empty all sorts of “possibly dangerous” stuff listed on the bioserver-space, and my posts were somewhere on the line. But, I could’ve reloaded them from the linking server’s proofs, but me, didn’t do that. No excuses, I forgot.

So, the alumnus meeting is up in three months, things are starting to roll with increasing pace down there? Who else is coming, anybody I know? How’s Ela Månevannsdottir? We weren’t exactly friends during the studies, or rather, Ela hated me pretty good for that practical joke that got us both expelled for 2 months from the Elevation Group. But, we got in contact (mainly through mail) last year, when we happened to be within 10 secs; we had an exoresearcher who knew Ela and knew we pass close to her ship. Yes, Ela actually owns the ship, goes by the name “Tsar Bomba” (fusion humor). Rich bastard, but we made a peace. I can send copies of our discussion if you’re interested, we talked of you too. Nothing bad, well, nothing much bad.

Don’t tell Ela I suggested this, but she’s got assets to buy legal help to download me to Earth in couple of months. And the construct and the mind-copy: I can pull some strings in Peary at Moon, and get the permission to download the copy there, legal problems solved. I’ve got an old contruct ready in there, empty now, but the light bio-structures should be quite correct. It can then be at virtual with you lot from the Moon. If it pisses teachers off it works correctly… I’ll return to that. Or maybe it’ll burn.
Good luck with organizing, there must be a lot to do, all the invites likely will have their say on the venues, menus and such. GS.

[name disclosed]

- Tharsaid Securities -

"Space for Security"


7.12.2363 17.01 Iiwold P. Cherwall

To me Ela said only she took some time off to check the slopes over at Anticontinents Peninsula… Then was a hack via Elas’ comp, or whatever something such… for you it might have even been a merit though I guess you were also disillusioned with the lack of the connections at the institute… Ela had such a crowd of hangarounds of course, I’m rather surprised the woman has left the Ground. On the other hand, I guess there aren’t many places she hasn’t visited here on the blue-green ball. Whether Ela is present at the meet depends on who else is coming, said Kei-Liu, she still has direct contacts with her. I guess you remember her. She herself promised to be there, but otherwise there aren’t too many who are certain to be there, sorry to tell. It is of course partly the question of supporting similar training programs in the future, who and how much is another matter. The buffet has been organized by the firm of parents of Killarney (that annoying freshman who drooled after Elas’ redhead friend (couple of flats right from ours) whose name escapes me now…) , they’ve got a contract with a major spice manufacturer, so the quality should be good enough even for Ela. You self have no need for this info, of course.

Yes, there is quite a bit of doing in these. Many of the Elevation Group crew (the two hundred, how many of us were there) are tied to their work (most yet on Earth) and some might not want to reminisce those days. Like the time when we decided re-examiners needed live music to encourage the studying, might have been a fun night… for us. Nothing else comes to mind right now, I’ll send the list of participants (of those I know you know) as soon as it contains more than 6 names…


Friday, September 17, 2010

collaborative writing...

2363/10/12 Iiwold P. Cherwall

Hello from Earth, I’m searching for people who graduated year 2354 on the Elevation Group. There is an alumnus meeting due in 4 months, and the connections to off-Earth persons are organized by Anna Olivia Zill, who currently works in the Resource Ministry. They’ll be with standard speed. It is Anna who gave me your possible location of work (and contact info).

The connections have been organized this way as I presume the industrial combinates present out there want to keep their channels to themselves and quite possibly there are people who cannot organize their communications to earth themselves.

A long time has passed since I last heard of you, surely I heard you were leaving for further than Moon, but your company isn’t the most open about giving out their personnel records. Hopefully this message reaches the right person though I doubt there are many people in space by the same name as you. I don’t know when the antenna of this send-out station next will be rotated towards your location, as the officials informed me some places get so few private messages they aren’t on the regular schedule. This is why I’ve started the search so early.

Could you notify me of your possible interest in a virtual meeting, can you get a permission for a such occasion – whomever you ask that, and how long delays are to be expected in the communication?

your roommate/schoolmate

Iiwold P. Cherwall


15. october 2363 16.59

Hi Ii!

Yes, I can get a permit, but sending a proper mind-copy cost quite a bit from where I am (I’m over 2 hours away now, unfortunately I cannot yet be more precise). Targeting a com-channel directly is probably out of the question, so a mind-copy is the only chance. But let’s see maybe it’ll work out. I’ll be back on better time, gotta finish, the boss is breathing on my neck…


[name disclosed]

- Tharsaid Securities -

"Space for Security"

2363/10/16 Iiwold P. Cherwall wrote:

Hello, the correct address for the server it is!

I guess this comes through a couple of links, as it takes two hours. I wondered of the length of the address. I could track the latter part of it to Ceres and thought you’ve wandered to outermost portion of the asteroid belt on the service of some local energy corp. By measuring as a rocket flies that would take you real distant somewhere round and about Saturn! Don’t tell me your lust for adventure has grown stronger? Anyway, I think the Ganymede research base is the outermost direct link so far.

As it takes that long the mind-copy is probably the only chance. I’ve forgot about those, as here on earth they’re permitted only for temporary duplication and only for critical personnel. The rule is though diverted quite much, but them businesses and combinates (and private families) rather will have their former leaders more pacified and well behaved… something you’ve likely heard too. Keep the experience, progress the methods. Another rule is the copies must not (and really how they could be?) be updated with newer info, so the progress will be the achievement of the new generation and to prevent the eventual birth of trusts… Well, I guess I must find out where I can find a construct capable of receiving a mind-copy to this kind of purpose, ask for permissions and all that.

Friendly Regards,


Friday, August 20, 2010

why have you saved those trees?

"You see, we have winds mostly from the west, but the time we need most electricity is during winter when it blows from north.", the farmer said. "This is why those trees have been planted on a cross between the four fields."
"The trees, don't they get knocked down by the wind on a singular row like that? What do they have to do with electricity?"
"Yes they would, but I've managed to build a hydraulic support system for those in the array. The hydraulics provide the pressure needed to power the engines located in each array.", the farmer replied. "Additionally, they reduce amount of windblown crops, though the quality of the crops isn't as good near the array than previously."

(couple of many notes why this isn't very feasible: how to attach something solidly on a growing tree without damaging it? Also, any hydraulic fluid leaks would be an issue.)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alabama 2050

"...As the mother nature is her infinite evilness has once again denied us the fruits of the earth, that by God, God rightfully has granted us for our perusal, we must pray for the lost souls of Hank, Jim, Robert, Irene, Johanna, Seamus, Sue, and Gavin who died in hunger because of the acts of mother nature. Let us continue to pray for rain and support God in his fight against this evil by building water pipes for the needy members of this congregation from the good late-father Jenkins' well, since it is a deep one. Cursed shall be those who in the last riot killed this giving man. Having no progeny, he would've gladly accepted this.
On other issues of our diminished congregation, some people have been trying to grow vegetables in the graveyard. This will not be tolerated, and the offenders will be shot on sight. The only place in the churchyard for earthly matters is the garden of Judith, our beloved precentor, situated downstream from the graves."

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Pictures from NW Lapland
rávdnji vuotnašši
waterfall bokte campsite
the gorge of the johka (5 kms away)
about a thousand m up on the fell from camp and lække
Ivvárasággi (mountaineers only)
that's me (photo by J.Riihimäki)

Photos don't do justice.
I don't know if the translations hit the mark.

PS. now it's been announced that the Arctid I was too tired to seek for long has been found in Finland last summer. Congrats to the finder. The location hasn't been published.

PPS. now that I've heard more of the Arctid I'm pretty certain I was within half a mile from a suitable location and that we passed by the finnish location by some 10 miles. I can see it here though:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

wishlist (sort of)


We got some car troubles (power steering oil leaking, in Norway this is not what you want, got it fixed in Finland on the way back...), I took some minor damage to tendons in my right knee for descending 1000 meters too fast (took about 3 hours). Then the weather changed from 22 degrees, sunny to 7 degrees, foggy and rainy, in a day. The locality we visited was in the early summer so many of the species mentioned were impossible to find. After this we decided to cut the trip short. Luckily we didn't initiate any rock slides over each other nor did the fog surprise us in the fell.

Butterflies and moths: Oeneis norna, Colias tyche (VU), Of the Geometrids, high arctic Entephrias (specially nobiliaria (VU) and flavicinctata (VU) (didn't get to the place for the knee) , they fly at night in the shade (in the midnught sun, huh?)), Some of the rarer Noctuids (one protected) (strike two over), and with great luck Holoarctia fridolini (tried to find, but only for about 10 minutes) from Norway. Of the taxonomically more primitive species, I'd like to encounter Hepialus fuscoargentus (flies in august, can't remember everything), Catastia kistrandella (RE)(didn't get to the place due weather), Sesia bembeciformis (NT) (tried to find, but didn't) and Stenoptilia islandica (CR) (nope, but a Platyptilia gonodactyla from a new province).
Of other insects, some Carabidae and a couple of Cerambycids are of interest (went too early for these...) ... Some of the other flying ones would be less favoured (read: Culicidae, Simuliidae, Ceratopogonidae (mosquitos, blackflies, sandflies)) (Only mosquitos present this early in the season, quite pleasant)

Arctic fox (CR) in nature (They could have a traffic warning sign for this one near the border of Sweden and Norway)
Pine Marten (carrying some prey) (LC)
(The big one I saw and missed due exhaustion was probably Xestia lyngei (Noctuidae, NT))

Other ones on the non-wishlist are Epirrita (LC, which is somewhat funny) and Operophtera (LC, which also has the potential to cause a little concern), but I strongly suspect these are present somewhere along the way (yes, there they were).

Overall, a fine, succesful and enjoyable trip, though a bit short and the roughness of the terrain was a bit too much. Trying to top the fell from the south did it I guess. More planning should be involved (we didn't know what the name of the fell was until we were back... we didn't have an accurate map... and I need a new compass). Thinking of going again, but the next trip should be later in the summer (mid-July) to avoid the snow still present this time of year (at altitudes of over 900 meters on all slopes but the southern one). Posting some photos in a few days.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Note #8

And so it came to be that the Month of Admixture begun and the minions were busily preparing the Plane and the Way of Admixture that were needed to cross the vast expanses of NoSwetlands. The Chosen Clean Ones were preparing themselfes to join the Duchess in this yearly ritual. As they were settled in their seats the Duchess pressed the button in her holy sceptre and the plane started it's journey. Even the Duchess didn't know where they would end up, as this was a matter of the Admixer. The reproductive Cycle began.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

axial tilt of 30

Once upon a time, there was a planet which was on the verge of ice age. Inhabitants there were naturally worried of this as their crops needed some warmth to produce food for their growing population. Then there was added terror of an asteroid hitting the planet. Luckily, the asteroid crumbled before it hit and burned brightly to millions of pieces. This event raised the temperature of the planet, but it was still a curse for people, for the insects couldn't anymore fly to pollinate their crops.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Some April events and a followup

This bulletin continues our updates on the weather relating to the Breakup event of Ross Ice Shelf.

As noted in the previous bulletin the cooling effect of ACC in the southern Indian Ocean was largely cancelled this SH summer. The 3rd last Tropical Cyclone of the season in Southern Indian Ocean, that hit areas near Perth (Australia) as Category 4 two and a half weeks ago, and got extratropical before hitting New Zealand with winds of 200km/h, continued straight towards the Icebergs in Drake channel. The blockade of ACC was finally broken, with the icebergs spreading with the re-established ACC. A notable amount of ice was swept by the Falkalnd Current between Falkland isles and Argentina, it remains to be seen if this is enough to create an ocean ice bridge between the Isles and the continent later this winter. What we expect is that the ocean ice amount is large in southern Atlantic portion of the Antarctica. This likely will direct the polar cyclones powering ACC towards South African Republic and some notable snow events are expected there before the winter is over.

{{From the Agricultural Department:

As the cyclone season has brought copious amounts of water to Western Australia, it is likely advisable to plant during winter (may-jul), since the forecasts show a significant possibilty of light showers during the next spring (aug-sep) and the drier conditions are likely to return in the summer.}}

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The failed one

We took a 1 meter piece of 1-inch thick iron water pipe with an inner diameter of 4 inches, and welded it shut on one end. Then we put it in a freezer and applied layers of clear and colored water in it through an insulated rubber tube, to simulate the yearly layers in a glacier. Then we set the pipe to an industrial grade hydraulic press that had a 1-meter 4 inch spike attached to measure the thermal conductivity, layer compression, and other physical parameters in the ice under heavy load. Unfortunately we cannot publish the results in glaciological magazine, since "glacial ice doesn't contain iron" and "the parameters measured this way cannot be applied to estimate glacial flow", and the response from solid state physics magazine was that "this is a student-level study of ice jams in hydraulic pressers" and "since you didn't measure the behavior of iron under stress, this cannot be applied to engineering." There were no further tries to publish this study, and frankly, why bother, the results in the study have some application in the current field of our research. Any relation to real persons or studies is purely coincidental.

Monday, January 18, 2010

October Weather Report

"This bulletin continues our followups of the breakup event of WAIS that left a 200000km2 iceberg from Ross ice shelf floating on the path of Antarctic Circumpolar Current.

The iceberg rotates slowly clockwise on the northwest side of the Antarctic Peninsula and the high ridge between Antarctic mainland and Patagonia continues to be strong. This has lead to the diversion of the ACC, it now goes along the path of Humbolt current. Chilean coast continues to freeze and dry up to the 20S parallel. On the Atlantic side of the Andies the Brasilian current reaches Falkland Islands raising the temperatures there up to 25 degrees celsius. Ships moving between the iceberg and Falkland are warned of sudden hurricane-force weather systems. Central Argentina continues to receive downpours as subtropical lows hit the cold high ridge. As a result of this diversion of Tropical Rain Belt the Peruvian forest areas are drying up, and the flow of Amazon has weakened by 80%. On the African side of South Atlantic, the Benguela current has warmed up by 6 degrees and the rains continue to batter Angola and Namibia. The diversion of ACC has cooled the southern equatorial current so colder than usual (~34C) temperatures are expected in the Indonesian-Australian areas shortly. This ends our current bulletin of the weather related to the breakup event."

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a sketch

3D-Restructuring of North Pacific Gyre and Undercurrents during Onsets of El Nino and its implications to Local Climate Effects in various parts of the world, discussion on Differences between summer and winter onsets. (for buplication in Oceanographical Futurology sept-2010)
As has been previously noted by, among others, R.C. Franccccis and others. (Last updated 6 March 1998) and B. deYoung & alii (2004) oceanic regime shifts of marine biota have been observed on north Pacific affecting fisheries and other animals. Here we try to link these economically fortituous events to the not-yet-fully-explained phenomenon called El Nino (see the description of observational parameters of this from f.e.ō). The warm water escapes its more common place in the former Sunda and Sahul areas and lets the tropic cool by enhanced cool water resurfacing there, it'll also bring wet times to the drought stricen Andies. This cool water has to come somewhere. In furthere papers we'll discuss the modal effects of the phase of the oscillation and the season it's occurrring to very far places in teh wolrd since its also been noted that some weather effecta in the nearby areas are a direct consequence of this 15000 km spanning phenomenon.