Sunday, September 19, 2010

collaborative writing 2.

12. marraskuuta 2363 11.31 kirjoitti:

Hello again,

Didn’t take me long to answer… I could lie wasn’t my own fault, but it was. We had a slightly alarming situation going on just before you send your previous message (t.i. almost a month ago). I allowed to tell as much the tangle required us to empty all sorts of “possibly dangerous” stuff listed on the bioserver-space, and my posts were somewhere on the line. But, I could’ve reloaded them from the linking server’s proofs, but me, didn’t do that. No excuses, I forgot.

So, the alumnus meeting is up in three months, things are starting to roll with increasing pace down there? Who else is coming, anybody I know? How’s Ela MÃ¥nevannsdottir? We weren’t exactly friends during the studies, or rather, Ela hated me pretty good for that practical joke that got us both expelled for 2 months from the Elevation Group. But, we got in contact (mainly through mail) last year, when we happened to be within 10 secs; we had an exoresearcher who knew Ela and knew we pass close to her ship. Yes, Ela actually owns the ship, goes by the name “Tsar Bomba” (fusion humor). Rich bastard, but we made a peace. I can send copies of our discussion if you’re interested, we talked of you too. Nothing bad, well, nothing much bad.

Don’t tell Ela I suggested this, but she’s got assets to buy legal help to download me to Earth in couple of months. And the construct and the mind-copy: I can pull some strings in Peary at Moon, and get the permission to download the copy there, legal problems solved. I’ve got an old contruct ready in there, empty now, but the light bio-structures should be quite correct. It can then be at virtual with you lot from the Moon. If it pisses teachers off it works correctly… I’ll return to that. Or maybe it’ll burn.
Good luck with organizing, there must be a lot to do, all the invites likely will have their say on the venues, menus and such. GS.

[name disclosed]

- Tharsaid Securities -

"Space for Security"


7.12.2363 17.01 Iiwold P. Cherwall

To me Ela said only she took some time off to check the slopes over at Anticontinents Peninsula… Then was a hack via Elas’ comp, or whatever something such… for you it might have even been a merit though I guess you were also disillusioned with the lack of the connections at the institute… Ela had such a crowd of hangarounds of course, I’m rather surprised the woman has left the Ground. On the other hand, I guess there aren’t many places she hasn’t visited here on the blue-green ball. Whether Ela is present at the meet depends on who else is coming, said Kei-Liu, she still has direct contacts with her. I guess you remember her. She herself promised to be there, but otherwise there aren’t too many who are certain to be there, sorry to tell. It is of course partly the question of supporting similar training programs in the future, who and how much is another matter. The buffet has been organized by the firm of parents of Killarney (that annoying freshman who drooled after Elas’ redhead friend (couple of flats right from ours) whose name escapes me now…) , they’ve got a contract with a major spice manufacturer, so the quality should be good enough even for Ela. You self have no need for this info, of course.

Yes, there is quite a bit of doing in these. Many of the Elevation Group crew (the two hundred, how many of us were there) are tied to their work (most yet on Earth) and some might not want to reminisce those days. Like the time when we decided re-examiners needed live music to encourage the studying, might have been a fun night… for us. Nothing else comes to mind right now, I’ll send the list of participants (of those I know you know) as soon as it contains more than 6 names…


Friday, September 17, 2010

collaborative writing...

2363/10/12 Iiwold P. Cherwall

Hello from Earth, I’m searching for people who graduated year 2354 on the Elevation Group. There is an alumnus meeting due in 4 months, and the connections to off-Earth persons are organized by Anna Olivia Zill, who currently works in the Resource Ministry. They’ll be with standard speed. It is Anna who gave me your possible location of work (and contact info).

The connections have been organized this way as I presume the industrial combinates present out there want to keep their channels to themselves and quite possibly there are people who cannot organize their communications to earth themselves.

A long time has passed since I last heard of you, surely I heard you were leaving for further than Moon, but your company isn’t the most open about giving out their personnel records. Hopefully this message reaches the right person though I doubt there are many people in space by the same name as you. I don’t know when the antenna of this send-out station next will be rotated towards your location, as the officials informed me some places get so few private messages they aren’t on the regular schedule. This is why I’ve started the search so early.

Could you notify me of your possible interest in a virtual meeting, can you get a permission for a such occasion – whomever you ask that, and how long delays are to be expected in the communication?

your roommate/schoolmate

Iiwold P. Cherwall


15. october 2363 16.59

Hi Ii!

Yes, I can get a permit, but sending a proper mind-copy cost quite a bit from where I am (I’m over 2 hours away now, unfortunately I cannot yet be more precise). Targeting a com-channel directly is probably out of the question, so a mind-copy is the only chance. But let’s see maybe it’ll work out. I’ll be back on better time, gotta finish, the boss is breathing on my neck…


[name disclosed]

- Tharsaid Securities -

"Space for Security"

2363/10/16 Iiwold P. Cherwall wrote:

Hello, the correct address for the server it is!

I guess this comes through a couple of links, as it takes two hours. I wondered of the length of the address. I could track the latter part of it to Ceres and thought you’ve wandered to outermost portion of the asteroid belt on the service of some local energy corp. By measuring as a rocket flies that would take you real distant somewhere round and about Saturn! Don’t tell me your lust for adventure has grown stronger? Anyway, I think the Ganymede research base is the outermost direct link so far.

As it takes that long the mind-copy is probably the only chance. I’ve forgot about those, as here on earth they’re permitted only for temporary duplication and only for critical personnel. The rule is though diverted quite much, but them businesses and combinates (and private families) rather will have their former leaders more pacified and well behaved… something you’ve likely heard too. Keep the experience, progress the methods. Another rule is the copies must not (and really how they could be?) be updated with newer info, so the progress will be the achievement of the new generation and to prevent the eventual birth of trusts… Well, I guess I must find out where I can find a construct capable of receiving a mind-copy to this kind of purpose, ask for permissions and all that.

Friendly Regards,