Monday, April 13, 2009

Soup of mysteries, part II

(some info missing) And so it happened that those HeBeLis who were least willing to play
with the negative Baryons evicted them. But they were forced to admit
that they couldn't send any info outside, since even light between them
was slow and that they couldn't see the outside world properly. They
suggested this to be the last chance to make peace with the Negatives in
the end of time, but first they should try to find out how to get rid of
the Negatives if they presented troubles.

And the most hot-headed HeBeLis struck each other with terrible force,
but this only caused confusion in the Nuclears. And in any case, the
negative Baryons, who were now called Electrons (short for eel-eek-
donuts), returned to hassle around. (introd. Magic numbers, up to Fe)
For a long time this was not tried again, since a part of the neutral nucleons were forced to be relocated... , and that produced inertia, that disallowed perfect vacuums...
And God said:"Look all the wonders, wonder, could you have imagined that the Electrons should so avoid each other and behave as they were coupled, but only opposite? And God took two Electrons and forced them to go through two small gates over and over again. Here you have a dot charged, that procreates a circle, oval and a ball, new forms on this 3D plane that is your home. Search these planes, don't they have strange charm? The gate of time and the other gates are not yet open for you." This eased H's and Hebelis as they began to marvel the God's creation. And God continued:"

God teaches Hebelis (missing info)
(wave-particle dualism)
God builds an example (missing info)
(quantum computer)

"Now that you know this, you may build a similarly working counter. I'll have to go to check the gates are locked."

At this, the remaining truly irrationally spinning Bosons (called "Hicks") thought they would be forced to do other peoples work, and disappeared through a trap door left by Planck, and all they could manage was a partially deriving nucleon, the first computer of the world, but it wasn't fast enough in its calculations. For this, Planck was also blamed.

The regular families started to gather round Hebelis since they had at least one model that could produce something else than everlasting worries of the Electrons.

All the beings compressed to star-like patterns... and it happened that inside the Electrons felt too much heat and spread to the surroundings... and came back after half of the Hs were to their surprise been transformed to neutrals... (suspicions of Hicks'es involvement rose. Only the Electrons could have guarded the yards against this...) and been paired to other ones...

The star compressed again and again until it couldn't produce anymore heat... It exploded to everyones great lament... after a demographic survey it was noted that some Electrons were destroyed by the sudden reappearance of their pairs from the 5th dimension... but at the same time the God-given families had been diminished...

It was clear a great lot of diversity had been formed. Everyone started to exchange Electrons, as their mutual love-hate relationships were quite amusing to watch...

Here it happened, that a great divide occurred between atoms (it was now accepted that Electrons were a part of this mess, though a difficult one, as did the Electrons), and a part of them decided to stay forever with the Electrons. They called the other ones solipsists... these gathered up to form a solid called a planet, that was never before seen and an amazement to all. God was praised as it was clear now that the God had a plan for all, even for the Electrons.

The other ones were willing to duplicate the experiment that had begun the co-operation of the nucleons, only to do it slightly transformed and carefully, trying to avoid the explosion...and so, by God's will the sun was created, that transforms the clear idea of the God to the pressure and to the light of radiation, that grows the plants and feeds the soil also to gladden and feed us humans... but now were going too much forward, there's still a lot to tell of the Hebelis and other atoms, of the birth of the rock, the earth, the gas and the liquid, etc.

maybe I'll continue this after checking up some phase surface and RNA-chemistry...