Monday, September 9, 2013

Roadtrip #2 (picture heavy)

so another road trip has taken place.

by car: 172,4 km (~107 miles)

on foot: ~5 km (3 miles)

time spent: almost 7 hours. in the middle ages this would have taken at least a week (if I was in my best shape) without a horse, or some 4 days by horse. A sign on the road towards Kurjenrahka

The private road begins
and we decide to take a shortcut
the road WAS on a map
so a short walk might be in order
there were some
and much
too, including some views of rugged rocky forests
and a few
season hadn't started yet on
and we didn't hear any wolves nor saw any deer or bear or lynxes so we drove on to see some of the churches nearby:
There was a small airfield where you could drive without any control to the planes:
It was one of the last days of proper flying (with some help) this summer:
some additional photos: