Saturday, August 24, 2013

Road Trip

Noticed yesterday that I haven't been to Aura in all my life so I decided to check the place out. So I took the car and drove towards the village taking the slight detour to visit their church which is some 3 miles away from the centre. While walking in Aura center, it came to mind I haven't been to Tarvasjoki either, so in order to conserve gas, I decided to visit the place too. There it came to mind that smaller roads are usually prettier. Eventually got back home. (There - c.35 min and back home - c.2h 30min of driving + short walks and stops to check on the map where I am, I guess this would not be so much fun with GPS). The whole trip took about 6 hours. Too bad I didn't take more images, it's surprising how f.e. forest management machinery is photogenic sometimes... Here's the approximate route:
And some views taken with the phone cam. Note to take the better camera along next time out, there are at least 6 more villages nearby I haven't visited.
the unknown soldier
Rail Bridge over Aura River in Aura
I guess I'm on this forest road but not sure...
ah, now I again know for certain where I am.