Sunday, April 14, 2013

map projection

What's the proper name for this?

Monday, April 1, 2013

untrustworthy narrator

"...So, in response to your question, in 4005 BC there was this handsome and not-at-all misogynist northern guy in upper Levant who met an ugly dark-skinned girl from south, she had crossed the gates of tears to get to this lavish land of Paradox. He had sex with her and whoopsie-daisy, in 4004 BC she birthed two beautiful children, one male and a one female. When the girl from the south wondered “How will our children get along in here?” the man answered: “oh, there’s the whole world waiting for them”. The girl asked ” What’s the world?”, and the guy answered:”that’s just a word I made up. It’s all this that surrounds us. I doubt there’s much use for it because one should always know what one is talking about.”

"Actually I'm not so sure of the date of the story, there were so many zeros that I've forgotten the correct number of those, and what is zero anyway, might have been 3 or 5.

"So... the girl and the boy went on to marry and have children of their own, and This is why some artists nowadays sing "Brothers and Sisters...!" The quite not so white boy liked both of his wives and the other was called Eve. The girl loved both of her husbands too, and one was called Adam. What the other ones were called, has escaped my knowledge as I'm culturally bound to a belief system. Well, it was so long ago that I might have forgotten and mistaken these names too. Sorry. let's go on with more modern stuff. "