Sunday, September 20, 2009

the solution

Ocean coasts had been abundant with food, and many clans had moved further away seeking new areas and new food sources that had no names. But now the ocean was behaving oddly, the strong tides took away some of the food sources and people moved about. "Zseen ny crobbots?", one passing family had asked, but noone here knew what these were and barely understood that it was a question. The movements of clans had even lead to conflicts that were previously unheard of . The late chief said to the wizard,"if this goes on, we'll have to move". The wizard who was familiar with some of the food sources in the uphill forest replied,"God's may be crazed of something, but the forest god has revealed to me how to live in there. We can move there. It's hard, but I see no option if this continues." When the next high tide came, it came with severity, as if Gods had decided to punish the clan for such abnormal thoughts. The beach vanished, and a low strait was formed between the upland forest and the forest on the other end of the beach. After some time living on the sparse resources in the forest, the wizard came to the chief and said:"Remember when we dreamed of those islands on the horizon, how magnificent beaches there would be and wondered how to get there? Well, now we know, how the hell do we get out of here?"

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