Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Seeking Hobbits with excellent physical fitness

For better effect, this text should be read over two days, the translation from the Old Entish is not too accurate, I'm afraid.

" Hey Treebeard, do you know about the grey-robed guy wandering hereabouts, who keeps posting these notes with writing on them? There's plenty more of these on trees on the north side. He even STAPLED one on me! Is this something we should care about?"
"Ah, Blandelm, looking excellent!.It's been a while since I noticed you! Are you still going on with this fancy of the most tree look-alike competition? The competition final was like...humm...50 years ago and everyone wondered where you were!"
"Oh, good to know, anyway, do you know of this guy? I thought this poster was an excellent final decoration, but after a while, I thought maybe this is a matter that should be told to others too. We can't have people running around with staplers here, now do we?"
"Well...humm...yes... The guy is from the West. He's got my permission for that. This is some ultra-important job the Big Man Himself has given him. He had the credentials and all. He told me there are four more of his kind roaming around the place, I've met one other, this olive-brown dressing guy is pretty ok, he even asked about the girls.
"Ah, I guess that's all well then. At least this one is not using NAILS, brárumm. Anyway, what does it read in there?
"Umm...hmmm... He's seeking Hobbits. I guess that is some modern word of the West, I don't know what it means. Then he lists a whole bunch of qualities for these 'Hobbits' he's seeking. Doesn't look too good for him, though he said to me this wasn't his top priority right now. Hmm..umm..., "Able to sail a rapid", "Not frightened of horses, wolves", "Two Million steps in 10 months" ...well that's a lot. This sounds like these Hobbits, what ever they are, are pretty small. I'd say we have got nothing to worry about them.
"I knew there was something you didn't know! So, should we keep an eye out for these creatures? They sound a bit like noegyth nibin, but I never saw one sail or row a river back in Beleriand. They used rafts or travelled with others, if forced to cross a river, I think.
"Umm... I think not, this is Big Man stuff and I guess we shouldn't interfere with that.... ummm yes, I think I'm going to forget about this... there's plenty of matters of the forest to take care of... hummm... Have you, for example, considered making a complaint about the decision over the look-alike competition? I'd say you have a chance of getting an appeal through since you clearly stated your intention to take part on it! How about that? Let's get to Hazellock's place, yes?

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