Friday, March 21, 2014

Book of ages, parts 28-23.5, illustration

(I think Pleistocene begins at 23.5)

'Kids, would I get some attention? ... ... Thanks. What I have here to show you is an image of the subject of the couple of stories you're next about to hear. This image has been passed to me by the elders and I think it's been originally done two ages ago, maybe three. I'm sorry, it has been scribbled over by some jokesters, so it's not something you need to copy and remember as such. There are more pure and more complex versions of this image available in the public library, though you cannot loan them they're there for you to see, if you want. Just remember that they are not all the same. Even nowadays some smart people over in the larger schools for young adults during their wanderyars argue which are the best versions so don't bother to argue between yerselves over this. You remember last time we talked of long-gone monsters. Now it's time to hear how monsters vanished and how animals appeared.'

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