Thursday, December 19, 2013

lanl (los alamos national lab) seeking a professional

who is very good at programming and analysing high-dimensional Bayesian Networks (partly hierarchial or fully hierarchial depending how you look on things) with non-linear and time-dependent relationships to evaluate the more scientific physical models of climate and to seek potential improvements via statistics in some of these, on areas that are hardest to model with strict physical equations [IOW, make some black-box surrogate models less black]. please note the results of your work are not necessarily implemented on running systems, so do not be a dick with your fellow workers who most likely know their specific subject better than you. statistics is usually only a tool to get better results, but in this position there's a possibility to be a part of cutting edge statistics and science. So, good personal communication skills are required in this highly qualified research group aiming to find the minute errors in physical models arising from the complexity of the real world. military experience not required but a minor advantage (even a pacifist, green activist might be accepted depending on credentials). Bring out and hone your skills in Bayesian multivariate nonlinear statistics with our select crew to better the mankind and understanding of the physical world!

the real ad for the position here:


Oale said...

a parable to naval engineering, "we're planning a small troop carrier for use on rivers, that can interlock with similar units to double as helicopter landing site, and uses a new type of propulsion system, to double as parts of a pontoon bridge. You'd be responsible for location selection and partly also building the engine and in charge of the type of couplers used. The planned ship should be as fast or faster in performing these tasks than current systems. Your presence and expertise is required all through the initial tests in real situations and you'd be in charge of the safety of some of your co-workers during the tests."

Oale said...

military style: "Position for Master/First sergeant (initially) in potential humanitarian evacuation situations or in supporting military logistics behind the front lines open. Creative, special engineering skills needed. Inquiries about the position can be sent to the Captain of the unit who passes the applications to unit leader Colonel. Depending on successes in the tasks assigned further promotions likely."