Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Haiyan scale

based on earlier work seen somewhere in the net. since the B-scale has worked well but ends up at the point where a wooden, well-built ship disintegrates, taking no account to the washed-to-shore iron-hulled fishing boats which still may float someday.
the table in graphical format (no tornado ever has been 11):

Update: Sharing the .ods -file used to make the images. (Hurricane Patricia (2015) with measured measured winds of 175 kt = 5,83 hfws = cat 6)  added to the list
As can be seen nothing happens at -5, and at >+5 everything happens.
Theoretically possible would be a category 7 in this scale, as described here:
Let's hope it won't get to that.


Oale said...

The short list of category 6 hurricanes on this scale, in no particular order:


Oale said...

I see I missed a few potential category 6 tropical cyclones in the available record, f.e. Typhoons Grace (1958), Vera(1959) and Sarah(1959). I don't know how the wind speeds were measured. There are currently several different scales for the tropical cyclones in use, and some common standards might be in order.

Oale said...

9. (2015)

Oale said...

possibly the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 would belong in the list too