Sunday, May 12, 2013


The blog has reached a milestone. 10000 visitors in just 4,5667 years! Granted, about half of these are my own visits, but still! I was told by the teachers in high school that I have some writing skills (scoring in the highest 5% in the local school by their standards) but I like never imagined then my scribblings would be so widely distributed.

I dreamed of being a scientist and scientists use numbers instead of text to convey their work. Then the Soviet Union and eastern block collapsed for they wanted to take things easier and more laid back than the darwinian competitors in the west and the math skills required of a good scientist proved to be too much for my abilities back in the early 1990s, so the career choices in military or in science were put in the question. Anyway, I finally got the science degree from the local university (that's in the Coimbra-group), so the blog has some entries with 'science content'. My 'Pro Graduation'-study was about the use of fluorescence in the analysis (fig.8) of single mutations in DNA, so some knowledge of molecular orbitals in chelate compounds has seeped into my system. Thus, some heavy science might some time be included in the blog but I doubt it, since one intention to write the blog has been the simplifying of the science. The one hobby that hasn't entered the blog yet is the music (in finnish), but music doesn't easily fit in the theme of the blog. Once I planned to do a piece on the microintervals. This would require a proper audio software, though.

The countries of the visitors here has been a surprise to me. I can't anymore list all the countries you represent, but an incomplete list would be: USA, GB, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Israel, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Peru, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Italy, Romania, Russia, (South) Korea, Moldavia, Germany, South Africa, Ukraine, Belorussia, Morocco, China, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Estonia, Argentina, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and about 10 more that I can't recall now. You know who you are, thank you for visits.

On other news, another milestone has also been reached.

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