Sunday, May 13, 2012

envisat down

but where's this data coming from? Smudged albedo (though not containing floating plastic debris) by some silly rules. Very inaccurate, but not containing the date and hour, so meant to represent fair artistic use. Beaufort sea has had pretty fat ice this year so caution on this respect is adviced.


Oale said...

HenkL provides some explanation here:
The 7,5 degree Celsius line is also highlighted since it's a bit above the highest temperature that I've heard an intense snowfall/sleet fallen in night has survived the whole day.

Oale said...

The -2.5 degree line (on oceans) vs. 0 degree line (on continents) aims to mimic the effect of higher humidity over oceans. Actually the 0 degree line should probably be the -1 degree line as on continents as the granulation of snow (and the accumulation of floating debris on the top of a snowpack) starts (the sinking debris makes small holes in the pack allowing warmer air into it once the T>0)

Oale said...

There are differences in how the old ice and the seasonal ice melts, and this has been measured in