Tuesday, June 7, 2011

already done

Actually PETM was caused by the remnants of a motorized dinosaur civilization who were so bigoted they didn't even look to the skies to find out if there was trouble ahead... the rest of them died on diseases transmitted by bat bites to their ears which caused their noses to whiten and their bones to rot.

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Oale said...

Some of the errors in this sentence (fast check):
1.Dinosaurs didn't have ears
2.Dinosaurs didn't have a motorized civilization
3.Barry B. Longyears' 'Homecoming' explains the absence of evidence of dinosaur civilization very differently.
4.It's very likely lizards cannot be bigoted.
5.It's bats which are dying from the white-nose disease
6.It's not certain bats even existed in Paleocene
7.Just looking to the skies doesn't necessarily warn of the possibility of a day-time fast approach of an asteroid.
8.There are no dinosaur fossils from the time of PETM.

So, it's quite easy to make up a sentence that has so many errors it takes longer to even mention them, let alone explain them away in detail.