Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Pictures from NW Lapland
rávdnji vuotnašši
waterfall bokte campsite
the gorge of the johka (5 kms away)
about a thousand m up on the fell from camp and lække
Ivvárasággi (mountaineers only)
that's me (photo by J.Riihimäki)

Photos don't do justice.
I don't know if the translations hit the mark.

PS. now it's been announced that the Arctid I was too tired to seek for long has been found in Finland last summer. Congrats to the finder. The location hasn't been published.

PPS. now that I've heard more of the Arctid I'm pretty certain I was within half a mile from a suitable location and that we passed by the finnish location by some 10 miles. I can see it here though: http://www2.nrm.se/en/svenska_fjarilar/h/holoarctia_puengeleri.html


Gail Zawacki said...

Lovely photos!

Oale said...

Thanks Gail!
The thing to remember there is if one gets a couple of days weather is good, one should slow pace :-).