Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Haiyan scale

based on earlier work seen somewhere in the net. since the B-scale has worked well but ends up at the point where a wooden, well-built ship disintegrates, taking no account to the washed-to-shore iron-hulled fishing boats which still may float someday.

the table in graphical format (no tornado ever has been 11):

Update: Sharing the .ods -file used to make the images. (Hurricane Patricia (2015) with measured measured winds of 175 kt = 5,83 hfws = cat 6)  added to the list

As can be seen nothing happens at -5 (calm), and at >+5 everything happens.

Theoretically possible would be a category 7 in this scale, as described here:
Let's hope it won't get to that.

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