Thursday, February 3, 2011


*Hey, what have you done with this?
-Let's see, what is it?
*It just came from up there, then I processed it and this is what was left.
-Hmmph, doesn't look like anything.
*Yeah, it's kind of icky.
-You know, those up there could possibly do something about that, they've got this process called 'using free radicals'.
*Hey, I'm not going in there, there's poison in there.
-Don't you have contacts with any transporters?
*No, they don't usually come this down.
-I can't take that with me, too yucky.
*Then what do I do with it?
-Bin it.
*Ok, but our bin is a bit full and there's not been enough time for the waste managent processes to take place again.

Then a quake happened and the methanogen was happy.


Oale said...

If you must ask what was wrong in this one, The obvious bit is the individual in question was not a Methanosarcina barkeri, but the reason why this isn't true is just that they don't talk.

Oale said...