Monday, January 18, 2010

October Weather Report

"This bulletin continues our followups of the breakup event of WAIS that left a 200000km2 iceberg from Ross ice shelf floating on the path of Antarctic Circumpolar Current.

The iceberg rotates slowly clockwise on the northwest side of the Antarctic Peninsula and the high ridge between Antarctic mainland and Patagonia continues to be strong. This has lead to the diversion of the ACC, it now goes along the path of Humbolt current. Chilean coast continues to freeze and dry up to the 20S parallel. On the Atlantic side of the Andies the Brasilian current reaches Falkland Islands raising the temperatures there up to 25 degrees celsius. Ships moving between the iceberg and Falkland are warned of sudden hurricane-force weather systems. Central Argentina continues to receive downpours as subtropical lows hit the cold high ridge. As a result of this diversion of Tropical Rain Belt the Peruvian forest areas are drying up, and the flow of Amazon has weakened by 80%. On the African side of South Atlantic, the Benguela current has warmed up by 6 degrees and the rains continue to batter Angola and Namibia. The diversion of ACC has cooled the southern equatorial current so colder than usual (~34C) temperatures are expected in the Indonesian-Australian areas shortly. This ends our current bulletin of the weather related to the breakup event."

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